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Evolving at the intersection of AI and blockchain, Xircus Web3 Protocol unlocks limitless possibilities in dApp and smart contract development. Harnessing AI, we streamline complex processes from configuration to smart contract creation. With the Xircus community, we're shaping an endless AI-driven future for decentralized applications
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As Creator

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As Collector

Collect from different marketplaces and manage collectibles via Xircus Mobile and Xircus TV apps

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As Web3 App Owner

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As Graph Provider

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As Ambassador

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As Developer

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Q2 2023

  • ✅ Platform Xircus V5 demo
  • ✅ Litepaper release
  • ✅ Announcing Xircus Hackathons in partnership with Draper Startup House
  • ✅ Announcing first partners and advisors
  • ✅ Fiat payment support (fiat currency to $XW3 processing in the background)
  • ✅ Start XircusSkins release
  • ✅ Commencing partnerships with blockchain networks
  • ✅ Commencing the Seed round
  • ✅ Developers documentation release
  • ✅ Start of Product validation stage
  • ✅ Xircus website UI/UX design + content improvement
  • ✅ Expanding Quality assurance/User experience team
  • ✅ Kickoff 2-days hackathon in Manila in partnership with Draper Startup House
  • ✅ First version deck release
  • ✅ Xircus SDK release
  • ✅ Closed Alpha testing
  • ✅ Exploring the Shari'ah compliance framework

Q3 2023

  • ✅ Xircus Studio V5 Release
  • ✅ Prepare Scaling Xircus Hackathons in Asia
  • ✅ Prepare scaling Xircus Hackathons in Middle-East
  • ✅ Initial Xircus Designer release https://designer.xircus.app
  • ✅ Deployment of Sandbox API for test web3 apps https://sandbox.xircus.app
  • ✅ Publishing of Xircus Open Source Smart Contracts for Community Deployment
  • ✅ Xircus Designer Skin Presets
  • ✅ Launch ofZealy token airdrop campaign
  • ✅ Establishing LATAM team and community
  • ✅ Exploring and preparing contract generation using AI
  • ✅ Xircus Studio first major UI/UX design improvements release
  • 🚧 Updated Deck release
  • 🚧 NFT General Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 NFT Music Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 NFT Adult/Fan Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 NFT Real Estate Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 NFT Ticket Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 NFT Meme Generative Marketplace UI Blocks
  • 🚧 DeFi Swap/Liquidity UI Blocks
  • Onboarding Discord and Telegram Team
  • Expanding Marketing team
  • Establishing Business development team
  • Start listing/onboarding token community/projects in Xircus currency manation
  • Marketing & PR campaigns to scale ‘creators’ user base
  • Xircus Developers Community launch
  • Finalization of corporate structure Xircus Foundation

Q4 2023

  • Scaling stage
  • Xircus Academy Launch
  • Marketing & PR campaigns to increase awareness of IDO
  • Promotional airdrop campaign increasing $XW3 token/IDO popularity and Web3 dApp deployer
  • Representing Xircus at Web3 and Blockchain conferences
  • Whitelisting campaign $XW3
  • Token migration and unstaking
  • Smart Contract Generation using ChatGPT AI
  • IDO
  • Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing
  • First Centralized exchange listings
  • Start XircusPunks NFT marketing campaigns towards the launch
  • Xircus Provider Release
  • Xircus Launchpad Release
  • Xircus Aggregator Release
  • XircusPunks NFTs sale
  • DAO Governance and community proposal release
  • Exploring ISO 20022 certification
  • Start R&D for our own advanced Xircus DEX
  • Establish partners for “off-chain” solutions Xircus Real Estate proposition
  • Scaling Xircus Hackathons to locations in Europe
  • Start of marketing campaigns release of “provider, launchpad and aggregator”
  • Scaling Xircus Hackathons to multiple Draper Startup House locations in LATAM
  • Hosting Xircus Hackathons at Web3/Blockchain events
  • Start R&D XircusNodes
  • Listing on multiple centralized exchanges
  • First release Mobile app iOS & Android
  • Start marketing campaigns release of “pre-built deployable mobile app for Ringmasters”
  • Launch Xircus Real Estate proposition

Q1 2024

  • Release of pre-built deployable mobile app for Ringmasters and devs iOS and Android
  • Scaling Xircus Hackathons with partners in specific industries
  • Scaling Xircus Hackathons with different partners in US
  • Onboarding industry specific advisors
  • Hosting Xircus Hackathons at Web3/Blockchain events
  • Giveaway Xircus Graph Provider to Individual GraphQL Providers
  • Transition to Xircus Node Service
  • Tier-1 centralized exchange listings
  • Xircus tv app for Apple tv & Android tv
  • Start R&D our own Blockchain
  • Own DEX launch

Founding Team


Alchemy Supercharged

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