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Impactful Telegram
and Web3 apps.
Made effortlessly

Xircus is a modern web3 app builder

Deploy impressive, interactive apps without the web3 complexity

for Telegram, TON & Web3 Apps

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Business Insider
Yahoo Finance
Digital Journal
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The Telegram Mini App Renaissance

⚡ We built the first Telegram Mini App deployer

Our Mission

Empower every user to launch their own ideas and web3 businesses in TON and Telegram by bringing everyone to crypto for mass adoption

Our Vision

Become the biggest no-code solution and developer tooling platform in the TON and Telegram ecosystem

Our Products

We built tools and products for your needs

What is Xircus?

The Complete Web3 Development Stack

Facilitate user onboarding with wallet integration, develop and deploy smart contracts, accept crypto as payment for products and services, and enhance application scalability utilizing robust infrastructure solutions.

Onboard everyone to web3, effortlessly
Scale with our decentralized infrastructure
Choose from hundreds of app templates tailored for your business needs
Deploy Telegram mini app or TON web app in minutes
Build using our open source libraries and development kits
Engage your community by interacting through Telegram bots

✨ Introducing Blocks


✨ Introducing Web3 Blocks