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Xircus is an all-in-one low & no-code solution transforming the way Web3 dApps are created.

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Challenges in

Transitioning to Web3

The evolving Web3 landscape comes with its unique challenges

    NO MORE Web3 App Complexity

    Delving into niche-specific features, navigating smart contract intricacies, planning sophisticated application structures, and grappling with centralized control issues.

    NO MORE Steep Development Costs

    As Web3 gains momentum, securing proficient developers becomes challenging and costly. Add to that the hefty expenses for smart contract creation and full-stack development, along with restrictive and pricey centralized white-label solutions.

    NO MORE Extended Time to Market

    Lengthy durations for development, testing, user onboarding, product validation, and adapting to ever-changing market conditions.

The "Studio" Web3 Toolkit Hub

Your one-stop destination for seamless blockchain development tools and resources.

Effortless Web3 Design

A no-code drag and drop page builder, making Web3 application creation as easy as drawing on a canvas.

Flexibility Meets Simplicity

Low-code SDKs that offer flexibility without compromising on depth.

Simplified Smart Contracts

Generate smart contracts with the help of AI

Seamless Contract Management

Easily import your contracts or use existing ones.

Empower, Innovate, Thrive:

The Xircus Advantage

Discover the Xircus edge. Dive into our unique offerings that set us apart in the Web3 realm, crafted to ensure you not only succeed but lead in the digital transformation journey.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Start at no cost and capitalize on our commission structure.

  • Seamless Revenue Opportunities

    Partner with us and share revenue with our supportive backers.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Launch instantly with no-code or customize swiftly with our low-code solution.

  • Inclusive Ownership & Control

    Ensure your platform's on-chain ownership for maximum control and transparency.

  • True Decentralization & Flexibility

    Deploy across varied cloud providers and embrace an open building environment.

Unlock Instant Earnings

with Xircus Ecosystem

Earn while

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Get early access on products, vip lounge, newsletters, early opportunities, discounts, and membership rewards

As Creator

As Creator

List your NFTs as little as $1 for listing/storage fee and 2.5% transaction fee for every purchase

As Collector

As Collector

Collect from different marketplaces and manage collectibles via Xircus Mobile and Xircus TV apps

As Web3 App Owner

As Web3 App Owner

Deploy your NFT marketplace, customize your fees and themes, create staking opportunities for your customers

As Graph Provider

As Graph Provider

Earn from deploying APIs to cached data for marketplaces

As Ambassador

As Ambassador

Earn from helping creators list their creation

As Developer

As Developer

Earn from building templates, extensions and support

Products we built

that grows with you

Get started in building your own dApps, currency, crowdfunding campaign and lot more

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Multiple Blockchain Support

Xircus supports multi-chain deployment for multiple blockchain selection

The smart contracts can be deployed to any EVM compatible chains

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