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Dazzle with our intuitive builder and seamlessly integrate blockchain functionalities tailored for all creators - your Web3 canvas, empowered by Chakra UI, with no coding!

Design Faster

Fastest time to market

Your dApp ready in minutes, not weeks

For Every Industry

Tailor your dApp for any niche or market with our flexible tools.

Dynamic Modules

Seamlessly integrate any payment solution, social features, and unique functionalities.


Amplify your dApp's look & feel + functionality

Early bird gets the worm!

Step into the world of Web3 with confidence. As 2030 approaches, it promises unparalleled opportunities and growth. Ensure your digital presence thrives in the decade to come.

Your Own

NFT Marketplace

Dive into the NFT revolution! Own a marketplace in any niche – be it art, real estate, podcasts, or beyond. Seize the digital future, tailored just for you

Decentralized Exchange

Be the Master of Your Digital Exchange. Own a dEx akin to Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and stand at the forefront of decentralized finance

Crowdfunding Launchpad

Start Your Launchpad: Sell tokens, NFTs, shares, or crowdfund for causes. The sky's not the limit; it's just the beginning

Prediction Market

Your prediction market: Settle online disputes, turn debates into challenges, gain recognition, and dive into sports games & social betting. Be the master of your forecasts!

Modules & Blocks for Every dApp Desire

List / Mint / Buy / Sell NFTs

Empower your dApp with our marketplace building block: Instantly mint, list, buy, sell, and collect NFTs with seamless efficiency.


Combine our Fiat Onramper with the dApp builder, empowering your dApp to let users buy crypto seamlessly with their choice of fiat and payment method.

Social components

Add dynamic social components to your dApp, fostering community and connectivity.

Music / Video functionality

Integrate seamless audio and video functionality. Perfect for podcasts, video channels, audiobooks, or your very own TikTok-style platform.


Integrate seamless ticketing solutions directly into your dApp, and simplify event management for your community.

Future Blocks

Integrate custom blocks and modules crafted by the developers community. Tailor functionality to your vision, ensuring limitless growth and innovation.

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Multiple Blockchain Support

Xircus supports multi-chain deployment for multiple blockchain selection

The smart contracts can be deployed to any EVM compatible chains

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